Tenerife – An island of Sun, Sea and Sand

Tenerife is a very beautiful and most popular island in the cost of North Africa. This island is surrounded with many other tiny islands in the Atlantic Ocean and is called as Canary Islands.
Weather in Tenerife: Tenerife receives a wonderful warm weather all round the year due to its wonderful location and has become a very popular tourism spot to the tourists all through the year. The mild climate of Tenerife invites almost 5 million tourists every year and especially from Europe. It is nothing surprise to say that tourism in this island is the major source of income.
If you want to enjoy the ancient history and culture of the island then carnival of Santa Cruz is the popular and right place to visit. This is a special festive event which draws thousands of international tourists. This festive event is celebrated all around the island showcasing the bands, street minstrels, musicians and masquerades. Though this festive event is conducted for one day but the street carnival celebrations lasts for more than 10 days with a huge crowd.
Culinary delights: As this island is seated on the Atlantic Ocean the people over there can enjoy great culinary delights. This place holds a wide variety of sea animals like groupers, sea bream, red porgys, sardines, and Atlantic mackerel. The inhabitants in this island have found out many special and different ways to cook these fishes.
This place also exports a good amount of cottage cheese and goat’s cheese every year. This exporting of cheeses has become the commercial success of this island. Tenerife also boasts very popular theme parks such as Loro parquet and Siam Park.
Transportation in Tenerife: As this is a volcanic region, it’s very difficult to travel in public transportation to go from one end to other of island. So, car rental services are highly recommended to travel many different cities and towns of the island.