Cave Diving

The planet earth is a wondrous miracle of geographical formations that is capable of leaving one amazed at the mere impossibility of its architecture. To many of us a cave is a secluded cavity in a corner or a crevice of a mountain range.

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Open Water Diving

The term ‘open water diving’ implies naturally to a progress where a diver successfully completes the initial period of training and enters the real scuba diving sessions in the ocean and sea waters. This is what is referred as open water diving in the world of scuba diving.

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Scuba diving has come a long way since its discovery. The history of scuba diving is long, dating back to hundreds of years. It is interesting to know that Leonardo Da Vinci had drawn the diving apparel, a leather scuba suit, many years before scuba was discovered.

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Scuba Diving Types – The Best Things about Scuba Diving

The uniqueness of the art of scuba diving has attracted many to this sport or adventure over the years. This has also led to many innovations and advancements of the aspects of this pursuit over the years as well. However if we talk about the scuba diving types then it would also lead to a discussion about the purpose of the dive. There are various reasons that people may pursue scuba diving that leads to several types of this adventure. They are as follows. • Recreational Diving – There are people who learn it and pursue it only as an act of fun and hobby. They love being in water and see the life under the surface of the water. • Professional Diving – These are the people who learn scuba diving to be able to make a profitable career out of it. • Research and Scientific Diving – These are scientists and researchers who dive into the underwater for a closer look at the life system there and aim at its conservation. There are different types of professional goals that lead people into scuba diving. But there are several ways that a scuba diving adventure exploration is conducted. Here are some of the different types of scuba diving types.

  • • Open Water Diving – This is a primary form of scuba diving that is usually followed by the other types. After training in restricted waters is over a scuba diver gets to enjoy the real feel of scuba diving in the open water of an ocean or sea.
  • • Deep Diving – This form of scuba diving takes a diver to deeper depth s towards the bed of the ocean or a sea. It takes a lot of precision and alertness especially with regards to breathing gas and time.
  • • High Altitude Diving – This is a type of diving that take place with a plunge into the water from a surface of at least 300 meters above seas level. It is done usually from the top of a mountain range onto a lake. It is a foremost in popularity among recreational divers.
  • • Cave Diving – This is diving for exploration of cave systems or underwater caves that are found in specific locations. These caves are usually hidden at deep depth of the water and do not allow a straight upward exit because they usually have a ceiling of their own. This form of scuba diving entails a lot of strength and precision of the mind to explore them.
  • • Night Diving – This form of scuba diving after sunset and in the darkness of the night are for the thrill seekers among adventure sport lovers. Even though underwater torches are available there are many who love to explore the underwater in total darkness.
  • • Wreck Diving – There are several underwater sites in the world that have been a ground for the wrecked ship or even a crashed aircraft. These are often the destination for scuba divers who love to explore such wreckage. However there is a need to be very careful and safety precautions need to be maintained to avert casualties.
  • • Drift Diving – This is a form of scuba diving that is pursued more for relaxation. In this the scuba diver lets himself into the water and wanders away with the drift of its current merely to explore the underwater.

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