Scuba Diving History – Know The Timeline And Devices Of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving has come a long way since its discovery. The history of scuba diving is long, dating back to hundreds of years. It is interesting to know that Leonardo Da Vinci had drawn the diving apparel, a leather scuba suit, many years before scuba was discovered. The history of scuba diving equipment is no less interesting than the sport itself. So let’s have a look at the history of scuba diving gear and other facts.

History of Scuba diving – Timeline

1535 – A diving bell was developed by Guglielmo De Loreno.
1650 – The first air pump was developed by Guericke.
1691 – Edmund Halley gets a patent of a diving bell, a weighted barrel, connected to the surface with an air pipe.
1715 – John Lethbridge invented an underwater cylinder in which compressed air was supplied from the surface through an air pipe.
1843 – The first diving school established by the Royal Navy.
1865 – Benoit Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouse get patent for an underwater breathing apparatus, wherein a steel tank of compressed air was tied to the divers back and fresh air pumped in it through the hose that the diver would be attached to.
1877 – Henry Fleuss invented the first self contained diving rig.
1911 – An oxygen re-breather introduced by Dragger of Germany.
1924 – US Navy carried out experimental dives with helium-oxygen.
1925 – Yves Le Prieur introduced self contained underwater breathing suit.
1933 – Yves Le Prieur built a demand valve with a high pressure tank.
1933 – Louside Corlieu of France gets patents of swim fins.
1943 – Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan invent Aqualung, known as Scuba to all.
1955 – Al Tilman and Bev Morgan create the first formal instruction certification program.
1960 – NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructor) was established by Al Tilman and Neal Hess.
1971 – Stabilization jacket was developed by Scurbapro.
1983 – The first commercial dive computer, Orca Edge, was introduced.
1999 – Chuck Driver and John Bennet create record for the deepest dive of 200 meters.
2003 – Mark Ellyatt creates a world record of 1,026.9 feet.

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