Caribbean Scuba Diving – Scuba Diving in the Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Scuba Diving

The Caribbean Islands are one of the most picturesque and scenic destinations of the world. It also features as one of the most chosen destinations for holiday makers.
One of the chief reasons for its popularity among holiday makers is its options for extensive scuba diving across the waters of the Caribbean Sea around the numerous islands that make for some of the most sought after scuba diving locations.

The waters around the Caribbean islands are a treasure trove for scuba divers with its varieties of coral reefs and large underwater living species all of which make for a memorable scuba expedition.
The waters of the numerous islands make for excellent diving sites with each island offering a unique array of diving adventures – from varieties of underwater living species to coral reefs and underwater caves to even wrecks.

Caribbean Scuba Diving Vacations

There are hardly any hotel or holiday packages to the Caribbean islands that do not include the promise of scuba diving. Caribbean scuba diving vacations are a combination of some of the best exploring diving sites along with a hassle free destination where you get several scuba diving shops too.
There is no dearth of facilities in the Caribbean islands when it comes to scuba diving. So even if it is a last minute plan you will always find help at hand in a nearby scuba shop or avail the facilities of the hotel where you are staying.

And just in case you are not a trained diver and only have the enthusiasm to start off there is still hope for you on your Caribbean vacation. It is because you can always register yourself for a PADI or NAUI diving program that will also include your free water diving expeditions.

There are several hotels and resorts that offer packages for Caribbean scuba diving vacations. These all inclusive packages take care of all your necessities and primary requirements of scuba diving.
Here is a list of some of the providers of scuba vacation packages in the Caribbean Islands.

• St. James Club – Antigua
• Breezes Runaway Bay – Jamaica
• Hyatt Regency – Cayman Islands
• Grand Wailea Resort (Maui) – Hawaii

Top Caribbean Scuba Diving

There are certainly some of the best diving sites that are available in the Caribbean archipelago. Here is a list of some of the top Caribbean scuba diving sites for you.

• The Cayman Islands – This is one of the many places of Caribbean Islands that offers you with a variety of options like boat diving, shore diving and night diving.
• Bonaire – This submerged mountain peak is a galore of coral reefs and species of underwater life among all other diving sites of the Caribbean Islands.
• St. Lucia – apart from the picturesque sites for diving this destination is complete with scuba diving training as well.
• Costa Rica – This is a destination for all those scuba divers who are fascinated with the underwater living creatures like white tip sharks.

Best Caribbean Scuba Diving

Here is a list of the best Caribbean scuba diving destinations that will enliven your holidays even further.
• Victory Reef (Bahamas) – known for coral reefs, giant loggerhead turtles and Caribbean reef sharks among many others.
• Green Outhouse Wall (Honduras) – known for an array of colorful sponge and coral along with galore of tropical fishes.
• Salt Pier (Bonaire) – well known for sponges, coral reefs, seahorses and frog fish.