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You might not consider everything you just read to be fundamental information about scuba diving holidays but don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.
There are the wonderful and enigmatic Maldives islands that are located in the Indian Ocean which have the perfect droplets of reef that span from indigo to palest aquamarine as well as having some lovely white sand. A total of 1192 islands comprise the Maldives Islands and the total area is approximately 90,000 square kilometers in 26 atolls. It is a scuba diving paradise and more so for those who worship the idyllic desert island dream and are ardent devotees of the deep seas.
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The Maldives Islands can be reached by air, which is a truly amazing experience in itself though one would be pleasantly surprised at the development and sophistication of this place. A great scuba diving place in the Maldives Islands is called Manta Point, which harbors a number of Manta Rays, also known as Devil Rays because of what appears to be two horns coming from the side of their heads. These creatures of the sea are the main attraction for scuba divers here.
Many of the sites in this scuba diving holiday destination are easy to dive on. The cliff reefs, as the reefs here are known as, means that they drop off very suddenly at the house reef’ s edge and so one can drift dive here and it is also ideal for beginners as well as more experienced divers. Another great attraction about this scuba diving holiday destination is that wonderful feeling of being able to dive and be surrounded by a swirling mass of rainbow fish both above and below the diver and there are also many Black and White Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle and Manta Rays, turtles as well as many different Moray Eels.