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All about Dive Knives

Dive knives form an essential part of a diver’s diving uniform and used by diver’s during free diving or any other underwater diving expedition.

Using scuba dive knives

Compact and light weight, Dive knives are used as a general safety tool. Divers use these knives for various purposes, such as:

• Cutting through entanglements
• Dispatching speared fish to avoid attracting sharks
• Defend themselves from dangerous sea animals
• Some divers also use the sheen from the blade of dive knives to attract schools of fish

Dive knives are for your own safety and need to be handled carefully to avoid accidents. One has to understand that it is tool and not the weapon. This said it is important to choose your diving knife wisely keeping in mind possible scenarios:

• It is a good idea to choose a diving knife with a sharp and serrated edge so that it can be used both for cutting and sawing
• A lot of novice divers are instructed to use folding knife. It is easy to understand why
• Choose a knife with a flat head. This not only acts a tool for fixing gauges but minimizes accidental nicks and cuts
• By a choosing dive knives with hard disk pommels you can use the same as a hammer
• It is advised to strap your diving knife to the inside of your thigh or lower leg.


Regular maintenance ensures the longevity of dive knives. Sharpen the knives from time to time, plain edge with a file and the serrated one with jigs. You can also seek professional help for the servicing of your knives. To keep rusting at bay clean and scrub your knife after every dive with fresh water to remove any salt deposits.

There are a number of dive knives available in the market with a variety of finish, steel, titanium, black and more. Understand the purpose of your diving routine and choose your knife accordingly. Please note that marine life is precious and your knife is a tool, therefore do not destroy or harm any kind of water life for fun.