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Advanced Open Water Diver – An Advanced Program in Open Water Diving

Advanced Open Water Diver

An advanced open water diver is a certified diver who has qualified on the basis of his skills and performance to go free diving into the waters of any ocean and sea across the globe.

There are various aspects of open water diving that is not free from risks and dangers. It all leads to the requirement of a program that will establish a diver as capable of handling himself and his diving equipment to his advantage during diving expeditions. Apart from this divers are also expected to come of all aid and help to his fellow divers in case of any need.

A certification is an assurance of the required performance from a diver or even a group against unexpected problems and tight situations during an underwater exploration. It is a way to ensure safety and security of future divers. It helps to instill in them a sense of responsibility towards themselves and their fellow divers.

Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

There are many diving organizations in the world like PADI, SSI among many others who are into the field training professional and recreational divers. There are various programs at different levels that depend on the age group, medical fitness and experience and ability of a diver.

There are those diving enthusiasts who are prone to deep depth diving as well as other types of diving like cave and cavern diving.
Advanced open water diver certification is also required in case underwater navigation and diving expeditions during night times.

There are also extensive training in buoyancy control and usage of sophisticated equipment’s like dive computers and compass.

For all such divers it is imperative to undergo specialized training of knowledge and equipment’s under the advanced open water diver certification program. This will tell them of all the aspects of navigation and equipment handling that is essential during such explorations. There are other aspects of advanced open water diving that range from a proper planning to a controlled nervous system and physical fitness to sustain the pressure of the expedition.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The advanced open water diver course can be taken up for pursuance after the basic open water diving program. There are no other pre-requisites that are required for this course except for a minimum age of 15 years.

The advanced course enhances knowledge about scuba diving and the various types of diving expeditions that can be done. It helps one to understand the variety of marine life better and recognize and identify each species that is seen.
There is a better understanding of all the equipment’s that are used and the various ways that these can be put to optimum usage especially in times of need.

Advanced Open Water Diver Manual

The advanced open water diver manual is a book of all the rules and regulations that are involved in the course of the program. It is a recapitulation of all that is taught in the program for the diver.

Advanced Open Water Diver Cost

The cost of initial lessons of the advanced open water diver program is approximately $120 dollars. This is for the knowledge development and theoretical classes.

The cost of the next level of training that includes 5 dives in an open water experience is $295 dollars approximately.

Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary from place to place owing to difference of currency and their valuation against the $US dollar.