North Ari Atoll Scuba Diving

The geographical boundary of Alifu Atoll includes three atolls which are Ari Atoll, Thoddoo Atoll andRasdhoo Atoll. Outside of these areas the North Ari Atoll is by far the most prolific diving destination. North Ari Atoll diving holidays are perfect retreat for those who love to explore the thrills of marine life. So, taking a Read More

Nesima Resort & Dive Center

The Nesima Resort is perfect for those seeking your own unique piece of paradise away from home. Located along the beautiful coast of the Golf of Aqaba, in the small picturesque town of Dahab –South Sinai the resort provides a moderate climate all year round – making it the ideal summer and winter diving location. Read More

Murex Dive Resort

The Murex Dive Resort, the leading dive centre inManado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia gives access to Lembeh Strait (called the muck diving capital of the world), the Sangihe-Talaud archipelago, Dive Bunaken, and Bangka. The bio-diversity in the waters around Mando is one of the highest in the world as much of the area has benefited from Read More

Mindoro Scuba Diving

Mindoro is one of the major islands in thePhilippines. The east part of the island is OrientalMindoro and the west is Occidental Mindoro.Mindoro scuba diving is a popular activity among the tourists that visit the island. Enjoying Mindoro diving holidays provide the visitors with enormous opportunities to explore. There are quite a few popular destinations Read More

Meeru Island Resort

The ever popular Meeru Resort is one preferred by most holidaymakers. It is a perfect retreat from the busiest of lifestyles and is situated in the heart of the picturesque lagoon of Maldives islands. Here you will be surrounded by swaying palm trees and the breathtaking beauty of the Indian Ocean. A truly mesmerising location Read More

Matahari Beach Resort & Spa

Hidden in an almost unknown part of Bali, on the northwest coast, Matahari Beach resort & Spa is the perfect place for those seeking a relaxing holiday. The 3 hour journey from the airport inDenpasar to Matahari Beach resort through a beautiful landscape of rice terraces, temples and small villages gives you the chance to Read More

Maratua Paradise Resort

The breathtaking resort of Maratua Paradise can be found off the east coast of Indonesian Borneo. Here at we are able to offer you some of the best diving to be found in this region along with the neighbouring islands of Kakaban and Sangalaki. Maratua Paradise resort offers sumptuous accommodation in the form of Read More

Mantas Diving

Divers, who have already had the pleasure of diving with mantas, know the difficulty and hazards as well as the joy of this diving theme. Any diver’s imagination is captivated by the graceful movements of the Manta and thus Manta diving has become a very popular dive inclusion when diving the blue waters of the Read More

Manta Ray Bay Hotel

On the opposite side of the globe lies in the North-Western part of the Pacific the enchanting Micronesia. Yap is one of the island groups of which Yap Proper is its biggest and therefore its main island. This island with its beautiful green hills is, including its outer reef, approximately 75 sq km. The Manta Read More

Mandarins Diving

One of the most lovely, colourful and charming fish in the sea is Mandarinfish. It is a small and smart fish which is popular in salty warm waters. This fish type is very popular among divers due to its colorful beauty and interesting behaviors. Mandarin fish diving is a very trendy sport dive among holidaymakers. Read More