Captain Don´s Habitat

Captain Don’s Habitat Complex was set up by the famous marine ecologist Captain Don Stewart. Every detail was designed with his vision in mind in order to preserve the beautiful surrounding environment. All the accommodation facilities for example have been carefully planned to avoid any harm whatsoever being done to the fragile underwater environment. Walking Read More

Camel Dive Club & Hotel

Have you ever been to Egypt- Sharm El Sheikh, or tried scuba diving in Red Sea? If your answer is no then you have a great opportunity to turn it into a yes whilst staying at the fabulous Camel Hotel. This four star accommodation is situated in Na’ama Bay, it’s been built by divers, for Read More

Bumpheads Diving

Have you ever tried scuba diving or perhaps just snorkelling in the Red Sea, the Maldives or Bali? If you have had the pleasure of this fabulous pastimes then you may find some of the following information rather interesting. If you know the sensation of looking at what appears to be a miracle of nature Read More

Buddy Dive Resort

Welcome to the Buddy Dive Resort. If you are an ordinary holiday maker or an amateur diver visiting for the first time you will be in for an unforgettable experience with diving holidays at Buddy Dive Resort. The unspoilt natural beauty, fabulous sunsets, tender breezes and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are waiting to Read More

Belize Aggressor III

Belize Aggressor III The Belize Aggressor III sets sail every Saturday for a week of super diving from Belize City. Its objective is the dives sites of the Lighthouse reefs and Turneffe wall diving. Marvellous attractions such as the Quebrada crimson sponges littering the reef and Half Moon Cave Wall or that of the Painted Read More

Bangka Island Resort

The Bangka Island Resort is a place where all your beautiful dreams come true. Bangka is in a group of islands off the coast of North Sulawesi inIndonesia. The islands are Bangka Gangga, Talise and Sahaung. Why is this place so attractive among holiday- makers seeking a wonderful experience? The Bangka space is one of Read More

Bandos Island Resort & Spa

Bandos is indeed an island of hospitality. This island is a fabulous setting for a romantic getaway on the one hand and scuba diving on the other, what could be dreamier than enjoying a gentle breeze from the sea, having nice time under the palm fronds and look into azure blue sky? The Bandos Island Read More

Asia Diving Holidays

Find those people who have obsession for scuba diving and ask them about their favorite diving destinations in the world and the reply will most commonly receives is Indonesia, Philippines,Malaysia, Thailand, Lakshadweep Islands,Andaman and Nicobar Islands and lot more. So what is the common link or theme between these very hot diving destinations? All of Read More

Amontillado Beach & Dive Resort

Amontillado Beach & Dive Resort is a private complex where you will thoroughly enjoy a superb vacation on top of which a diving holiday experience of a lifetime in the nearby Apo Island and theserene Siquijor Island. All beautifully set in theIslands of the Philippines, close to Dauin. The hotel resort itself stretches alongside 200 Read More

Wet Suits – Apparels for the Sea

Wet Suits Have you ever noticed a tight fitting garment all over a scuba diver? This garment that covers the diver full length is called a wet suit. It is waterproof and helps the diver to float about effortlessly underwater and at the same time protect his skin from any harmful effects. Wet suits are Read More