Opt for a Prospective Career as a Night Diver

If you are fond of diving or want to earn your livelihood as diver, you need to take some special courses in diving. Night diving is an adventurous way to discover the underwater world and its mysteries. You should enroll yourself in PADI Night Diver Specialty Course, to become a specialist. What does PADI night Read More

Open Water Diving – Diving in the Freedom of Water

Open Water Diving The term ‘open water diving’ implies naturally to a progress where a diver successfully completes the initial period of training and enters the real scuba diving sessions in the ocean and sea waters. This is what is referred as open water diving in the world of scuba diving. Open Water Scuba Diving Read More

Nitrox Diver – The Diver of Strength

Nitrox Diver The word Nitrox refers to a gas that consists of nitrogen and oxygen and is used for breathing. The association of Nitrox with diving is related to the aspect where divers wish to stay underwater for longer periods of time. Therefore a Nitrox diver is basically who would want to be able to Read More

Junior Diving – Scuba Diving Courses for Juniors

Junior Diving There are several techniques and methods of scuba diving and underwater movements that need to be understood well and even practiced with professional trainers before setting foot into it alone. No matter what the level of interest and curiosity might be it will in the best interest of your child to learn these Read More

Jamaica Vacations – Jamaican Holiday Rhapsody

Jamaica Vacations A vacation in Jamaica may be just the right one for you if you are the kind that looks for a right match of relaxation and fun. Thrill and enjoyment is an important part of every holiday package apart from a regular period of relaxation. And your holiday destination needs to have the Read More

Interesting Facts About Scuba Diving

If you belong to that category who like thrill or being at the edge gives the feeling of some sort of fulfillment to you then Scuba diving is the right choice for you. For all those adventurous spirits who want to experience an altogether different and exciting journey, or for those who have already tasted Read More

Important Information About Scuba Diving – For You And Your Kids

The beauty of underwater is simply mesmerizing which makes for an unique and unforgettable experience for the people who choose to take the dive. No doubt that Scuba Diving has such a demand worldwide. But many people around the world are either having insufficient information or are completely ignorant about this adventure sports. Here we Read More

Diving Watches – Underwater Timings

Diving Watches The term diving watches are allocated for the category of wrist watches that are made with exceptional resistance to water. These watches are mainly used for purposes of diving and underwater exploration that needs to sustain extreme depths of water pressure. Each watch comes with a specified limit of water depth that it Read More

Diving Gauges

Diving gauges is part of the scuba gear. It is an equipment that helps in multiple functions when it comes to measurements of several things underwater with the diver. There are four aspects of measurements that are successfully taken care of by a diving gauge as stated below. • Depth Gauge – The depth of Read More

Divers Insurance – Insuring Your Dives

Divers Insurance Scuba diving is a specialized and trained job that needs prior preparation and training. There are scuba divers who venture in the water for fun but not without a proper prior training. This is also monitored further by experienced trainers who accompany them on their free water ventures. However there is no telling Read More