Exploring the Depths to Enjoy the Fun of Scuba Diving

Adventure, fun thrill excitement and much more ……..the exciting package is an offer that you can avail through the option of Scuba Diving. Seems that you are really interested to know more, therefore let’s explore this get adventure a little more. Scuba diving opens great avenues with respect to exciting challenges and endless possibilities. The Read More

Learn important facts about scuba diving

Scuba is a short form of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and this adventurous sport heavily relies on science and technology to ensure the safety of its participants. The diver should have a high pressure metal tank normally attached at his back. A superior quality breathing device regulates air flow and allows the diver to Read More

Dive Right with Great Dive Lights

Dive light or underwater flash light or dive torch or tungsten light, all are different names for the same object. Used to illuminate the path of an underwater diver, one needs to understand the types and the fundamental reason of using a dive light so as to choose the right kind! Choosing dive lights It Read More

All about Dive Knives

Dive knives form an essential part of a diver’s diving uniform and used by diver’s during free diving or any other underwater diving expedition. Using scuba dive knives Compact and light weight, Dive knives are used as a general safety tool. Divers use these knives for various purposes, such as: • Cutting through entanglements • Read More

Diving Through Caverns

Exploring caves and caverns can be a fun activity and this is exactly what a cavern diver does! Cavern diving is the exploration of natural and artificial caves that are partially or completely filled with water. The basic guideline while cavern diving is to keep sight of the opening at all times. This is so Read More