Cave Diving

The planet earth is a wondrous miracle of geographical formations that is capable of leaving one amazed at the mere impossibility of its architecture. To many of us a cave is a secluded cavity in a corner or a crevice of a mountain range.

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Open Water Diving

The term ‘open water diving’ implies naturally to a progress where a diver successfully completes the initial period of training and enters the real scuba diving sessions in the ocean and sea waters. This is what is referred as open water diving in the world of scuba diving.

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Scuba diving has come a long way since its discovery. The history of scuba diving is long, dating back to hundreds of years. It is interesting to know that Leonardo Da Vinci had drawn the diving apparel, a leather scuba suit, many years before scuba was discovered.

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Scuba diving- An Awesome Adventure

Scuba diving has emerged as one of the most adventurous and thrilling sport around the world. One should have a self contained underwater breathing apparatus. The high pressure heavy tanks are strapped on the back of the diver he has to breathe through a small rubber tube keeping in mouth. The scuba diver has to learn to control the breathing and breathing through the mouth. This helps the diver go very deep into the sea and he can stay there with the supply of oxygen. The must be physically and mentally fit and having right apparel and diving gears to safeguard his body and that allows him to swim comfortably. The set of apparel is inclusive of wetsuits, gloves, hoods, computer watch etc. One has to undergo proper and extensive diving training under the supervision of a trained instructor.

A fresh diver is not advised to go beyond 60 feet but a seasoned diver can go up to 100 feet and beyond easily. You must have extensive practice on your breathing control to stay longer into the deep sea. The diver should be confident before diving inside the deep sea and he must be aware of all the precautions if something goes wrong while being deep under water. The underwater condition is not that easy and the diver feels the pressure of depth and weight of millions of tons of water.

Regular practice trains the diver well to maintain the balance between the pressure of depth and water. Very often the diver faces the problem of ear block and he is being taught how to avoid this situation while training session. The diver must decide on the type of underwater adventure he would like to go for. He could have chosen to dive either in warm or cold water or on the exploration of shipwrecking. If you have already worked with cruises or acquired basic training then you don’t need to have certificate for the scuba diving.

If you have any physical problem, if you are a diabetic or having heart problem, you are required to consult the doctor before going for the scuba diving. Avoid drinking the night before you are planning to dive. A good sleep is highly required for a diver to see properly everything under the water. Avoid drinking coffee as it restricts the flow of the blood to the limbs. Wear warm windproof clothing on your way to the diving site. The sea side areas could be windy and notorious some times. Don’t lose your diving mask and hold it tightly while diving in. You may have to face lot of problem without a diving mask under the water.

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